SBM2800 Laser Pattern Cutting Machine

Large Format Fiber Laser Cutter

The SBM2800 by Laser Photonics is a high power fiber laser cutting system that can cut aluminum and sheet metal commonly used in aircraft, defense, and aerospace industries. This industrial laser cutting system delivers high throughput with unmatched accuracy.

Cutting real size ship body components is obtainable using our multi-kilowatt fiber laser. When equipped with a CO2 laser system, The SBM2800 can cut template paper (flat or rolled 120” wide), ¼” Plywood (4 x 8 ft), and Cypress Board (2” x 24” x 16’). The automatic feeding and take-up function for paper rolls are optional. This system will achieve a level of quality and detail that is unprecedented in the industry for large size laser cutting and engraving systems.

The SBM2800 can cut and engrave stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, aluminum, leather, nontransparent plastics, plaques, create stencils, and more. It has the most advanced cutting head with autofocus and can perform effective N2 or O2 gas-assisted cutting under pressures of up to 250 PSI. Best of all, the SBM2800 Laser cutting system is extremely easy to install which gives the system “plug-and-play” characteristics to get you started immediately.

  • Extra large cutting area 127.5” x 192” (3048 x 5067 mm)
  • Direct drive structure means no belts, no rotary encoders, no gears, no wear, higher acceleration, higher cutting speed, and increased accuracy.
  • Fiber laser is equipped with an optical isolator to protect the laser from back reflection
  • High quality fiber laser power – up to 5000 Watts!
  • 8″ clearance under the cutting head with 1.5″ of Z-travel.
  • Purged gas: compressed air or Nitrogen (N2) protects the cutting head optics
  • Sealed, high-quality linear bearings lubricated for life
  • Software aligns the orthogonality between X and Y axes
  • Standard programmable Z axis: With 1.5’ (38 mm) stroke suitable for 3D machining.
  • Different support surfaces: aluminum grating, honeycomb, and vacuum holding tables
    • Vacuum table material holding device for thin or flexible materials, with feed and take-up rollers for manual loading of paper stock rolls
    • Honeycomb structure for board and plywood
    • Mild steel slotted support table for metall cutting
  • Controller: Industrial PC based 4 axis CNC controller. The latest generation of CNC motion controllers integrate laser control functions, provide the fastest processing speeds, and optimize trajectory
  • Material Thickness
  • Cutting Speed – Max. 1000mm/sec, 5000mm/s² acceleration
  • Accuracy – +/- 0.150 mm
  • High-pressure cutting nozzle with Oxygen (O2) or Nitrogen (N2) assisted gas for high-speed, clean cutting
  • System equipped with high-pressure oxygen laser cutting head for high-speed cutting of mild and stainless steel.
  • The same system can also do marking and engraving on a variety of materials.
  • Mechanical construction: A solid, stable, light extruded frame; horizontally stiff gantry, precision linear servo-drives, Ultra Smooth Motion, THK Linear Bearings
  • XY Speed: 5m/sec2 acceleration to 2.0m/sec velocity.
  • Ease of installation gives the system “plug-n-play” characteristics and quick start-up times.

Follow the link to download pdf file with systems specifications:

SBM2800 Brochure

  • Intricate cutting
  • Medical stents
  • Microtubes, tubular material processing
  • Surgical instruments
  • High quality thin stainless steel for commercial kitchen equipment
  • Stencils & masks
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • TFT screens
  • Opaque plastics
  • Different alloys
  • Coated and plated metals

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