Glass Cutting Laser Based on Zero-Width Laser Cutting Technology & ITO Removal Technology

Zero-Width Laser Cutting Technology (ZWLCT) is a patented technology that separates glass at the molecular level placing no stress on the material eliminating chips, cracks and any other form of debris resulting in zero yield loss. ZWLCT is the fastest glass cutting technology in the industry eliminating both post grinding & polishing operations while improving edge-quality up to 80% compared to any other mechanical scribing technology. Each glass cutting system is designed around the application XY dimension with plate thickness < 1.2mm.

ZWLCT is the preferred technology in the Mother-Glass (see grouping of systems below) industry with a family of glass cutting systems supporting up to GEN 10 sizes. In the Flat Panel Display (see grouping of systems below) sector, specialized systems based on glass sizes up to 4’ x 4’ support mobile devices, computers, navigation, HDTV and other forms of display applications. In the Semiconductor ( see a grouping of systems below) sector, ZWLCT is adapted to dicing wafers made of glass, silicon or ceramic materials as well as cutting the wafer’s diameter from a square piece of material. Other examples include microscope slides/covers for medical application and high-pressure window glass cutting applications.

Glass Marking Based on Laser Assisted Material Redeposition (LAMR).

Laser Assisted Material Redeposition (LAMR) (hyperlink to LAMR flyer) is a proprietary Additive Manufacturing glass marking technology that embeds silicon inside the glass creating the industry’s first black marking technique providing the ultimate in contrast for barcoding that is permanent, non-removable and easily readable with a mobile phone scanner.

ITO Removal System

The FL600™ is a basic ITO removal system utilizing proprietary fiber laser technology by Laser Photonics. It performs direct imaging by laser beam for patterning of ITO coated glass and plastics.

Main Features:

Titan Express Laser Cutting Machine

The SBM777DC redesigned general-purpose ceramic and glass scriber system is designed and fabricated from modern components allowing modular replacement and enhanced reliability.

Economical advantages for users:

Fantom G3: Laser Glass Scribing System

The Fantom G3 Glass Panel Scribing Machine utilizes the latest laser technology for glass scribing and is equipped with an integrated Laser Photonics laser source specifically geared for processing glass panels for the Flat Panel Display Industry.